Boxing is exhilarating, boosts your confidence, sharpens your mind, and makes you healthier overall; it’s no wonder that more people are signing up to learn how to box. Mastering the art of boxing doesn’t happen overnight, and few people have the “raw” talent from the very first day at a punching bag. With practice and patience, you can become a great boxer.

Whether you have no experience with boxing or you’re just starting to learn your way around the ring, here are some essential tips for beginners.

Find A Trainer You Can Trust

When you’re learning how to box, you want a trainer that you can trust. Boxing is a great way to exercise, but it can also wreck your body if you do it wrong. So when you work with a trainer, you’re essentially trusting them with your physical health.

Not only should you trust your trainer but they should also be encouraging, positive, and push you to work harder. If you don’t get along with your trainer, that isn’t always a sign of “tough love;” you’re better off finding someone you enjoy spending time with at the gym.

Trust What You’ve Learned

The more you box and learn how to tune your technique fine, you will also need to learn how to trust what you know so far. Sure, you might not be that great of a boxer, but if you’ve been training hard and often, you know more than you probably think. Boxing requires confidence, so find and use it (you know it’s there).

Don’t Stop Learning

As adults, it can be difficult to ask how to do things or say that we want to learn more. Boxing can be a humbling sport; just when you think you’re great, you realize you have a lot more to learn.

Allow yourself to learn as much as you can, even if that means you feel a little insecure. Continued education should be an aspect of every part of your life, not just in the ring.

Follow A Well-Balanced Workout

If you train a couple of times a week at the club, you might think that’s enough exercise to stay fit and tone (it might be if you have no desire to progress). Cardio, stretching, warming up, and building and toning muscle are all important aspects of being a healthy boxer. Failing to stretch or get stronger can put you at greater risk of being injured.

You should also consider this when thinking about your nutrition and your overall health. A balanced diet and a good night’s rest can do wonders for your mind and body.

Master The Basics First

While it might be fun to learn some new and challenging moves in the ring, you must master the basics if you want to succeed in your training. Think of any other sport or movement, such as ballet or even football. Without learning the foundational moves, there’s no chance to move forward.