From the age of 3 years old on, my life was consumed with the sport of gymnastics. I competed as a USGF gymnast and as a varsity gymnast all four years at Libertyville High School. I spent the majority of my time in the gymnastics gym and loved every minute of it. After that concluded I transitioned all of my workouts to a regular gym (which was not nearly as fun) and began running. I worked 15+ years in the fitness industry and met some amazing people, one of which was my husband, Larry Lentz.

I trained a running club for several years and loved helping progress veteran runners as well as helping non-runners become runners. I’ve completed several cycling races, century rides, marathons, half marathons & triathlons. I will soon be working on my new goal of completing a Half Ironman. I have also become a huge fan of hot yoga, particularly Power Vinyasa classes at Forever Om Yoga in Lake Forest. I completed my 200 hour teacher training certification at Forever Om Yoga in June 2016. Hot yoga is a great complement to all of my other tough workouts and provides some time for balance and mental clarity which is rare with the demand of raising our two young boys, Charlie & Jack.