Are you competing at the top of your game?
Intensify your cardiovascular & muscular endurance
Sharpen your reaction time & quickness
Improve your footwork & foot speed
Amplify your speed
Develop your strength & power
Increase your vertical jump

Athlete training for any sport!
Lacrosse . Football . Basketball . Hockey . Baseball . Wrestling
Soccer . Swimming . Boxing . Gymnastics . Golf . Tennis . Field hockey

We will create a uniquely customized program for individual athletes, small groups or entire teams for your specific sport.
Contact coach Larry Lentz for details at 847.345.5666.

Sports conditioning coaches
Coach Larry Lentz has trained professional and amateur athletes for the past 20+ years producing national and collegiate champions.

Antoineo Harris, a former running back at the University of Illinois and NFL Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers has earned himself a remarkable reputation as the best in the industry to take athletes to the next level.

Nicholas Asberry, a current undefeated professional heavyweight boxer has a natural talent for working with athletes enabling them to push their limits while having fun.

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Their training methods include cardiovascular, resistance and plyometric training to increase speed, endurance, power, agility, and flexibility. Athletes develop and refine their skills to compete at the top of their game in any sport.